We've all got a story, and Grace Church Barrow is no different.

And really our story is about a whole bunch of different stories all coming together.

Some of us have been living in the neighbourhood for as long as we can remember. Some of us moved to Barrow more recently. And a few of us drive in from across the Furness peninsula. 

Some of us have been committed Christians for decades. Some of us are brand new to Christianity. Others of us are just exploring. 


Some of us are still in nappies. Some of us are officially 'retired'. And of course there's a whole spectrum in between.

But we'd all say that our lives have found meaning and purpose and hope as we've found our place in God's Story.

So whoever you are, whatever your story is, you're really welcome.

why a new church?

Since the very first followers of Jesus in the first century, Christians have been involved in planting new churches. That's because at its heart, Christianity is about good news to enjoy, live, and share.


'Church' is a word that's often associated with a particular type of building, but actually Christians have always met together in very different types of places, from houses and schools to pubs and halls. That's because Christians believe church isn't about the building, but a community of people. And it's the same with us.

a local church for holbeck, roose & beyond...

Of course, there's lots of different churches in Barrow, but for a while now there hasn't been a local church in the Roose, Yarlside & Holbeck area.


So in September 2015 a group of us began meeting to pray for our area and see what might be possible. One thing led to another, and after various local initiatives and events, in October 2017 we sensed it was right to commit to being a church community for this area and Grace Church Barrow was born.


Since October 2018 we've been meeting at 10am on Sunday mornings at the Roose Conservative Working Men's Club on Leece Lane in Barrow.

could your story be part of this story? 

But although Grace Church Barrow's story is only just beginning, in many ways we're simply turning one page of a much bigger story, God's story. 


Why not come and be part of this next chapter?