Welcome to

We're a new gospel-centred church community, located in the Holbeck & Roose area of Barrow-in-Furness,

but made-up of people from across South Cumbria.

We want to be a church where literally anyone can encounter God and where God changes lives.


We meet every Sunday at 10am at the Roose Cons. Club on Leece Lane in Barrow. 

We want everything we do to be welcoming, family-friendly, and especially easy to follow if you've never been to church before. 

We sing, pray, and have a talk from the Bible, as we seek to get to know God better together and understand the difference he can make to our lives.


We have a children's group, Grace Kids, as well as a creche area. We have coffee & refreshments and the chance to catch up with friends.




"Since we began in October 2017, it's been an adventure - and we'd love you to be involved.

You're really welcome to come and pop in on a Sunday. 

It doesn't matter whether or not you've been to church recently, or even if you've never been at all. And we don't mind if you're a sceptic or a believer, or somewhere in between.


We hope you'll find our main service relaxed, friendly, and suitable for all ages." 

Robin Ham,
(Pioneer Minister, Grace Church Barrow)

“We believe Christianity isn't good advice. It's better than that. It's good news.” 

Maybe you used to go to church and you're thinking of giving it another go...
Maybe you've got big questions about life and you'd love to see if you can get some answers...
Maybe you've moved to Barrow
and you're looking for a new church...
Maybe you've been hurt by religion, but you've never had the chance to really look into what Jesus was all about...

Grace Church Barrow is endorsed and supported by St George's Church, Barrow, the parish church for the area in which we meet. Together with St George's and St Aidan's Church, we form the South Barrow Team of churches.

We're part of the Carlisle Diocese in the Church of England and have an ordained Anglican minister who helps lead Grace Church Barrow, although we are made-up of people from all church denominations and none!

We're connected to other churches in Barrow through the Barrow Mission Community, a local network, and we support the outreach work of Believe in Barrow.

We're also part of the North-West Partnership, a regional group of churches from different denominations who are united by a desire to help each other as we share the good news of Jesus. A number of these churches have particularly supported us in our first year.