Our aim is to be:





"Christianity is not good advice; it's good news - the outrageous grace of God given to us in Jesus Christ."

At it's heart, Christianity is all about Jesus Christ - his life, his death, his resurrection. It's about what Jesus has done, rather than what we 'do'. 


We want to be unashamed about the radical and surprising reality of God's grace to us, shown in Jesus Christ. 

And that means we can come clean before God with our faults and brokenness, and the sin which underlies them. 

Shaped by God's Word

"We're convinced that when God's word is taught, God's Spirit gets active in our lives."

God has not left us in the dark, but speaks to us through his Word, the Bible. In other words, it's through hearing the Bible taught and engaging with it that God grows us, challenges us and changes us. 

That's why we always have a Bible talk in our meetings, but we try and ensure the Bible shapes all of our church life: singing, praying, and our relationships with each other.

As we do this, we have four core convictions that form our DNA:

Together We Grow

"We're all works in progress, but God has given us each other to help us keep growing."

Sometimes we can be tempted to think we've 'arrived', but the Christian life is about keeping growing. And this journey of 'discipleship' is something that the Bible expects us to do together.


In other words, we're to be a community - with the gospel at the heart of our life together. In that sense, relationships are more important than meetings.


"Church is not something that exists for 'me', but rather, as church, we exist for the world." 

Christianity is not something that we keep to ourselves, as if it were just a private faith or a hobby. The reality of God's love gradually impacts upon everything - after all, when you realise you've been loved deeply, you start to show that love to others.

Church is meant to equip us for living out our faith in every sphere of life, as we seek to represent Jesus Christ and share the astounding news of his love.